Welcome to the heartland of some of the world’s largest Steelhead and Salmon.  Located amidst the coastal rainforest region of British Columbia, Nicholas Dean Lodge has access to the renowned “SuperHighway” of anadromous species, the Lower Skeena River.  In addition, they fish the numerous tributaries to the Skeena such as the Copper, Kalum, Kasiks, and other wonderful rivers.  Above all this, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking with snow capped peaks sitting atop mountainsides canopied with lush coastal rainforest.
Nicholas Dean Lodge
Photo Gallery
Guide Sky and dry fly Steelhead
Hooked up on the Skeena
Dustin on the move...
Tail of Steel
Spring Buck Admiration
Spring Serenity on the Kalum
Dustin and Sky
Steelhead Hen
Copper River Steel
Spey and Fly
Spring Hen on the Kalum
Mammoth Copper River Steelhead
Battling Chrome on the Skeena
Buck on the Kalum
Angler-Guide Teamwork
All smiles for Coho
Chrome on the Copper
Copper River
Spey Form
Remote coastal Coho
Lodge staff member and guide... “Ruger Dog”
Spey, Rocks, and Fly
Copper Mountains, BC
Cooper River Trophy
Steelhead Admiration
Copper River Buck and Fly
Upper Copper Steelhead
The Majestic Upper Copper River
Skeena Region Coastal Rainforest
RugerDog in Forest
Steelhead Admiration
Steelhead Battle
All smiles for Steelhead!
Rigging Rods on the Kasiks
Why do you fish for Steelhead?
Chrome Hen
All Steel Smiles
Upper Kalum Hen
Steel Shoulders
B.C. Trophy...
Kalum Steelhead Release
Copper Steel
Dry fly Steelhead...
FISH ON! on the Kalum
Angler and Guide on Upper Copper
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