Explosive Amazon Peacock Bass
River Plate Anglers (Amazon Basin, Brazil)
Join Angling On The Fly for the pursuit of the Amazon’s finest gamefish, the Peacock Bass.  Angling On The Fly is excited to offer trips to River Plate Anglers’ exclusive river mobile camps.  Their
Lake El Salto - Trophy Largemouth Bass
Trophy Bass at Lake El Salto
Experience one of Mexico’s finest trophy Largemouth Bass fisheries - Lake El Salto.  This trip is scheduled in the midst of prime top-water season,... perfect for fly anglers desiring to fish
South Caicos - Remote Caribbean Bonefishing
Beyond the Blue Charters (South Caicos, Turks and Caicos)
Angling On The Fly is excited to announce that we are returning to remote South Caicos Island for Bonefish in 2014. This destination fishery is very "under-the-radar" and has some of the world's
Trophy Freshwater "Golden" Dorado
River Plate Dorados (Salto, Uruguay)
Without a doubt, the freshwater Dorado (aka “Golden Dorado”) is one of the toughest fighting freshwater game fish you will ever battle on the fly rod.  Incredible power, reel-screaming runs,
Tarpon Cay Lodge - The Complete Tarpon Experience
Northern Yucatan (San Felipe, Mexico)
From 5 pound “babies”... to the 100+ pound “Silver King”, Tarpon Cay Lodge truly offers fly anglers the opportunity to pursue Tarpon of all sizes and in a variety of environs.  This destination has
Isla del Sabalo - The New Frontier for Yucatan Tarpon
Remote Western Yucatan (Isla Arena, Mexico)
For a remote destination experience offering a pristine fishery for Tarpon, look no further than Isla del Sabalo.  The health of this fishery shows in the deep girth and strong fight in these
British Columbia Steelhead and Salmon
Nicholas Dean Lodge (Terrace, BC)
Located in the Lower Skeena region, Nicholas Dean Lodge provides fly anglers with an opportunity to access a variety of world-class rivers such as the main-stem Skeena, Copper, Kalum, Kitimat, and
Angling On The Fly works closely with premier outfitters and lodges to secure prime weeks at destinations around the world.  We understand that many travelers enjoy the camaraderie of fishing with other like-minded passionate fly anglers.  Also, the hosts on these trips provide guidance and expertise on the fishery and tackle preparation.  Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about these trips or if you would like to reserve your own private booking at these fine destinations.
2014/15 Hosted Trips and Special Offerings