Destination Summary

Location: Manitoba, Canada
Prime Season: June thru mid-Sept.
Primary Species: Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout
Other Species: Walleye
Fishery Profile: Boreal lake and river
Type of Fishing: Boat fishing (lake and river)
Lodge Capacity: 24
Accommodations: guest rooms w/ private bath and shower; meals taken at the main lodge
Travel Details: arrive Winnipeg, Canada (overnight - not included); 60 min. air charter to Gods River (not included) 
Optional Non-Fishing Activities: Bird watching

Tackle Requirements:
8-9 wt. rods for Pike and Lake Trout; 6-7 wt. rods for Brook Trout
Disc drag reels with 150+ yds. 20# backing
Favorite Flies:
Pike Fly
Flashtail Whistler
Clouser Minnow
Woolhead Sculpin
Bunny Fly
Remote Adventure Experience
In the Canadian province of Manitoba lies a remote gem of a fishery named Gods Lake.  Gods Lake truly offers some of Canada’s finest fishing for Northern Pike and Lake Trout on the fly.  The summer months are prime for Pike on the fly, as this species resides in the warmer shallow water and aggressively feeds on baitfish and any other creature smaller than it!  Pike are voracious and predatory, making them willing targets with topwater flies or shallow subsurface presentations.
Variety can be the spice of life at Gods Lake!  During the July and August months, optional day or overnight trips can be arranged to fly fish for robust Brook Trout that reside in Gods River, the only outflow of Gods Lake.  These are river Brookies that reach mammoth proportions of 5, 6, and even 7+ pounds.
Also, during the late-summer timeframe as the water temps cool, Lake Trout emerge from the lake depths to take refuge in the in shallow water reefs.  Here the Lake Trout feed vigorously to fatten up before spawning and the oncoming harsh winter. This event is an incredible opportunity for the fly fisherman to target this species in shallow water environs.  Lake Trout average 30 inches with some trophies reaching more than 20 pounds!
During your visit, Gods Lake Lodge provides full service, comfortable accommodations and a friendly staff to make you feel welcome. Anglers stay in newly built guest rooms (completed in 2008) with modern features. Meals are hearty and delicious. From the breathtaking scenery to the heart-pounding action of fish pounding your fly, your experience at Gods Lake Lodge will be a most cherished angling adventure.  FISH ON!!!
Gods Lake Lodge Package Rates (2009)
7 nights / 6 days fishing
$2,900/angler + PST
(double occupancy room and boat) Photo Tour - coming soon
Gods Lake Lodge
 Lodge Staff
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